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I love where I live.

We live in Annapolis, Maryland.  I work from home, mostly freelance writing and editing.  My “office” is typically at the island in my new kitchen addition with windows on three sides.  So I look out my windows all the time.  And daily, I get a glimpse at the wildlife in and around my yard.  In the seven years we’ve lived here, we’ve witnessed so many fun, interesting and sometimes sad things happening with the suburban wildlife in our little corner of the mid-Atlantic.

Read my “About Me” page to learn about what inspired me to blog about the wildlife we experience daily right here in suburbia.  More posts to come soon!

Our homestead, November 1959

Our homestead, November 1959


About Kim, amateur wildlife enthusiast

I'm a wife, mother of two 'tweens (the eldest pictured with me above), freelance writer and editor, and amateur backyard wildlife enthusiast. When I'm not sitting in front of a laptop, I enjoy the outdoors, boating, gardening, traveling, playing the piano, watching my kids play lacrosse and spending time with extended family. After losing my mother in 2010 at age 64 to cancer, spending time with family has become even more important to me.


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